Friday, January 6, 2017

Blue Highways - Beyond Seaforth - Part IV

If you pick up your resupply in Shearwater be sure to take the time to visit the Heiltsuk Cultural Education Centre in Bella Bella.  You won’t regret it.  When I was there they were closed but opened up to us and provided a personal docent to help guide our journey.

Leaving Bella Bella you are on Seaforth Channel and can stay on task by following the IP north or take Seaforth out to Milbanke Sound and transit the Higgins passage Blue Highway that separates Price and Swindle Islands.  It’s a good one.

Brown Bear Camp

The campsite at the west end of Higgins Passage is one of the best on the BC Coast and if Denis Dwyer hadn’t encountered a Brown Bear there I would have sworn that it was near perfect.  If you stay there I suspect that you will enjoy yourself and bears will be encouraged to be elsewhere.

Brown Bear Camp

Here you are poised at the entrance of Laredo Sound where you can decide to go rouge and do and out and back south down the outside of Price Island (which you won’t regret), continue north on the Outside Passage, or duck back to the IP through Meyers Passage after rounding Wilby and Wingate Points.  Choices.

If you took the Blue Highway through Queens Sound you are set to grab your resupply in Klemtu and continue north on the IP or hang a left at Split Head and take the Meyers Passage Blue Highway Connector to Laredo Sound and travel north on the Outside Passage.

Meyers Passage

You can duck back in to the IP at the north end of Princess Royal Island if you like but by the time you get to Surf Inlet you can see the mountains of Campania and you are so close.  You may not be here again and Campania is one of the most stunning places on the planet.  There is no place like it on the inside.  Just sayin’.


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