Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bella Bella 2005

7/23, Saturday, Day 1

Traveling from Seattle to Bella Bella, British Columbia takes about 27 hours. Some of that time is spent waiting for ferries but you won’t get there much faster. Maybe you can take a later Tsawassen ferry and wait in a longer line. Your call. I hate being late, though. That’s my personal problem so 27 hours it is.

Dave and I left Shoreline at 2:30 AM on Saturday the 23rd of July. We stopped briefly at the rest stop short of Arlington to meet up with Larry and Keith who we would be paddling with. All three of them are veterans of numerous kayak trips, with Larry and Keith having visited this area at least four times in the past. Dave had been to the region once. This was my first overnight kayak trip, period.

Dave explained to me how each of us had a particular role to play. Keith enjoyed cooking and had done all of the meal planning. He would prepare the meals and had procured the food. Larry, having a pyromaniacal bent, would build and nurture the fires. Any food prep done over an open fire was also his responsibility. Dave’s job, he claimed, was to clean the fish that our meal plan dictated we provide by hook or by crook (more on that later). My job was to clean up after the meals. I inherited that task from Dave who considered cleaning fish a major step up.