Saturday, July 22, 2017

Klemtu 2 Port Hardy 2017

I'm taking my own advice this year and committing to a Blue Highway route between Klemtu and Port Hardy.  About 240 NM of twists and turns that will take me to some favorite haunts and a few places that I am eager to see for the first time.  Some narrow intimate passages mixed in with a large portion of exposed outer coast.  It's a solo affair.

Meyers Passage

This route starts in Klemtu, leads north up to Tolmie Channel and out Meyers Passage to Laredo Sound.  A counter-clockwise loop around Aristazabal is something that I have wanted to do for a decade.  Traveling a known route in reverse offers a completely different look and feel.  Baker Point near the north end of the island is one of the most stunning beaches in British Columbia and the run down the outer coast is gorgeous.  The southern tip of the island trails off into a fabulous maze of islets.

Crossing Laredo Sound  for Price Island and Higgins Passage then Milbanke Sound and Seaforth Channel to reach Althlone Island and Cape Mark.  A tour of Queens Sound will drop me at Triquet Island where researchers have been uncovering a site that has been used by original people for 14,000 years.  Triquet to Stirling Island then across Hakai Passage to Choked Passage where the world class beaches of Calvert Island await. Then, east to Fitz Hugh Sound and the familiar route south back to Port Hardy.  I'm really looking forward to being on those waters again.

With perfect weather and no rest days I could be back in Port Hardy by August 15.  Seeing as how I will be paddling through the largest intact temperate rainforest in the world perfect weather isn't likely and thinking that I won't need rest days is a foolish notion.

Choked Passage

  I'll have my Spot Satellite Tracker with me and will turn it on once I am departing from Klemtu.   Watch for it on Saturday the 29th around 5:00 PM PDT.

Blue Highways of the Inside Passage


Jonathan Reggler said...

Have fun. Did the same trip (pretty much) 2 years ago

Jon said...

Thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot coming from you as I have spent many hours pouring over your publication, "An Everyman's Circumnavigation of Vancouver Island". Aside from expressing the day-to-day experiences you and Doug offered a blueprint for responsible expedition planning and the path for what-if scenarios. I use your process.
Thank you, Sir!