Thursday, August 16, 2012

Klemtu 2 Port Hardy 2012

I had no burning desire to take a solo trip.  It was just that my paddling partners weren't available to travel and I did have a burning desire to go north for a bit, so solo it was.  I liked the idea of being able to dictate my own schedule, poke around instead of focus on mileage, change my route without debate, take a day off or not as the spirit moved me, etc.  The solo-thing meant, to me anyway, that I would need to select a route that wasn't too ambitious and that I would really have to pay attention to the conditions so that I stayed within my skill set.

The route would be an "Inside-Outside" sort of thing with plenty of familiar locales to provide comfort plus some new sights and exciting challenges. Since I had never spent much time on the Inside Passage I would start by flavoring some of the long deep reaches.  I would be passing four Kayak Bill camps and hoped to find his last camp on Gosling Island clean enough to camp at. The outside of Calvert had called to me for years so, conditions allowing, I would spend a couple of days checking that out.  Finally, I had spent some time discussing the crossing of Queen Charlotte Strait with Glenn Lewis of Nanaimo and, if I lost the usual number of days to foul weather, I would be making that crossing when currents were running high in Gordon and Goletas Channels so a different tact would be employed.